Responsible Serving of Gaming

 Our club will take all reasonable steps to prevent and minimise harm from the operation of gaming machines in this venue, including by monitoring the welfare of customers, discouraging intensive and prolonged gaming machine play and intervening when a customer is displaying behaviour that is consistent with gambling harm.

Sunbury United has a Responsible Gambling Officer available for assistance at all times.

As a small community based club, we are serious about our gaming obligations. We are affiliated with Community Clubs Victoria, and therefore you can be assured that we are operating under approved Codes, and ensuring all codes are in place.


For further information, on our Best practice guidelines for the implementation of Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct and Self-Exclusion Programs please click here.


To access the Code of Conduct please click here.


Gambler’s Help

To access help for people or families dealing with problems associated with gambling, contact

Gamblers Help on the free call number 1800 858 858

Online counselling is also available with free and immediate access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a qualified gambling counsellor.   Callers can choose to talk to an online counsellor anonymously.

Alternatively visit the website to understand the resources available and how to access them.

Financial counselling is also available, it is free and confidential please

call 1300 133 445




Self Exclusion

Self exclusion from gambling for our club is managed by Community Clubs Victoria. Self exclusion is an entirely voluntary process. It is an agreement the customer makes with themself and for themself. It involves no other person in any responsibilities – legal or otherwise. Click here to see  details of how the Self Exclusion program works.


To become self excluded a customer will need to attend an interview with a CCV officer. At the interview their photo will be taken and they would be required to sign the Deed of Self Exclusion.


Customers should ensure that you read the deed thoroughly and if required, seek independent advice concerning the contents of the Deed. The contents of the Deed is explained to the customer at the interview.


When customers call to arrange an interview time, they will be asked to nominate by name the venue/s they wish to be self excluded from.


If you would like more information on self exclusion, or a customer would like to arrange an interview for self exclusion, contact any Self Exclusion Officer at Community Clubs Victoria on (03) 8851 4949 to arrange an interview time.



Ask our staff about how to track your gambling spend.